Auto-Start & Stop for Diesel Generators

The developed prototype decreases the Diesel consumption and CO2 emissions. The device allows stopping the Diesel engine, if there is no load during a pre-settled time. When a load solicitation occurs, the Diesel engine automatically restarts. All this process is done using the remote starting function of most Diesel generators, avoiding the need of any direct operation on the generator.

The present prototype is portable and is prepared to deal with Diesel generators up to 30kVA, independently of the brand or model.

Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE)

The EVSE was developed in accordance with SAE J1772 and IEC61851-1, in order to allow electric vehicle charging. This device is programmed with the current maximum value that can be demanded by an electric circuit. This information is shared with the electric vehicle charger which will limit the consumption up to the settled value.

The device can be installed directly into the electric board, occupying the size of one two-pole circuit breaker. It can be used in either single-phase or three-phase circuits.

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